History & Background

Aqueduct Foundation is a B.C. Society and registered Canadian public foundation that grants to other registered charities. Aqueduct was launched in 2006 and operates nationally.

The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Scotiatrust) is the agent for the Foundation, providing administrative and granting services, as well as representing Aqueduct to the public.

Aqueduct Foundation manages its charitable property in a series of "donor advised funds", which are a minimum of $250,000 in value (A donor may start a fund with $100,000). These funds are typically endowed with the capital invested and the income distributed annually. Donors make recommendations to the Foundation about the charities they wish to support through the funds they establish. Aqueduct also offers "short-term" donor advised funds that are in existence for a period as little as one month to as long as ten years. There is no cost to establish a donor advised fund, and set up can be within as little as 24 hours.

Aqueduct Foundation has a five-person arm's length board of directors: Terri-Lynn Brown (Vancouver; Scotiatrust), Ian Worland (Vancouver; Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers ), Jim Parks (Toronto; Gardiner Roberts LLP), Sanchia Edwards (Toronto, ScotiaMcLeod), and Yves Bergeron (Vancouver, Sorrell Financial).

Canada Revenue Agency Business Number: 86608 7034 RR0001 

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