About Aqueduct Foundation

Aqueduct Foundation is inspired by the longevity, innovation and practicality of ancient Roman water-carrying bridges. It was established to assist true philanthropists in providing significant support to Canadian registered charities and qualified donees.

Aqueduct’s vision is to facilitate significant philanthropy by individuals in a private environment without fundraising pressure. Our donors tend to be passionate about “their” causes, but they value Aqueduct’s quiet approach to philanthropy. Within Aqueduct, all donor and granting information is confidential, and there is no public donor recognition. All of our energy goes to supporting other charities on behalf of our donors.

Aqueduct is committed to the following principles:

Neutrality The Foundation’s purpose is to grant income and/or capital to other registered charities, and our granting decisions are made exclusively based on donor recommendations. Aqueduct does not have a general fund or priority granting areas that may be at conflict with the charitable interests of our donors.

Flexibility in Giving Like other Canadian foundations with donor advised funds, Aqueduct enables donors to choose charities they wish to support with the annual income from their endowed funds. In addition, Aqueduct is the Canadian pioneer in facilitating large grants of capital – often subject to enduring property restrictions – to other charities. The ability to grant capital allows donors to make exceptional gifts for important causes. It also enables funds to be wound up and the entire amount granted out to other registered charities, including private foundations.

Sophisticated Planning Aqueduct is an arm’s length, intermediary planning foundation. Backed by one of the top philanthropic teams in the country, we accept complex assets that most charities do not have the experience or systems to handle. We also engage in highly personal planning to ensure wishes are met both during life and after death.